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The Blog of the Phoenix Gymnastics Family. Sometimes about the club, sometimes about us and other times about gymnastics and and all things related to it.

Egg #4 - Where are we at?

But why isn't the gymnasium open yet?: Not everything goes to plan and sometimes you have to roll with it and be patient. Read on to find out the good news about the state of Phoenix Gymnastics.

Egg #3 - Let's Get This Party Started

Phoenix's first giveaway: Of course we want to increase our social media presence but also doing this was pretty fun. Not quite as simple as we first expected but fun none the less……

Egg #2 - Focusing but not where we thought

It's gymnastics but thought about differently: It’s interesting how things are progressing. Not so much the physical side of setting up Phoenix Gymnastics though that is very exciting and garnering us a lot of enquiries as to where we will be and when. Rather more interesting though has been our focus for our programs…….

Egg #1 - On Our Way To Wonderful

The Phoenix Is Rising: When we sat down and started planning our website & social media we decided to include a blog. In fact we even got so far as to planning our first few posts. Our plan was to have our first post be about where we came from and why we decided we had to go out on our own……..
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